How Is Dark Chocolate Beneficial For The Brain?


Chocolate is a popular treat in the U.S., and it comes in many forms and types. While many people prefer the taste of milk chocolate, dark chocolate is actually the form of chocolate you should choose for health reasons. Here are two things you should know about healthy dark chocolate and the effects it has on your brain. Top Benefits for Your Brain It Can Improve Your Mood While having a better mood might not seem like a huge benefit to the brain, it actually is, and it is a benefit to the rest of your body too.

24 March 2015

Propane: A Cleaner Fuel With Some Little Known Benefits


As an energy source and heating alternative, propane is clearly a superior fuel in a number of respects. Not only does propane burn cleaner than other fuels, but it is also less expensive than heating with, say, heating oil. And though it isn't necessarily as cost effective as natural gas or electricity, propane is the ideal fuel source for those looking to protect the environment (or at the very least avoid contributing to its degradation), and minimize their carbon footprint.

9 February 2015

New Nursery Owner? 2 Reasons To Use Nursery Plant Inventory Software


If you opened up a small plant nursery at the end of last year, you may want to use inventory software to keep track of your client's purchases. In addition, nursery plant software keeps records of the orders you make to your supplier, as well as any losses you may incur if something happens to your plants. Here are three reasons to use nursery plant inventory software. Keep Track of Your Nursery's Inventory Orders

14 January 2015