New Nursery Owner? 2 Reasons To Use Nursery Plant Inventory Software


If you opened up a small plant nursery at the end of last year, you may want to use inventory software to keep track of your client's purchases. In addition, nursery plant software keeps records of the orders you make to your supplier, as well as any losses you may incur if something happens to your plants. Here are three reasons to use nursery plant inventory software.

Keep Track of Your Nursery's Inventory Orders

Your nursery plant software is easily installed on your business's computer. The software may feature a number of inventory control sections that make recording your nursery's inventory simple to understand and calculate. For instance, some nursery software features a section for recording the supplies you order from your plant supplier. The section allows you to compile data for:

  • Orders you didn't receive yet but expect to see soon
  • Orders you need to return back to the supplier
  • Orders your supplier ran out of but will ship to you later

Your software may also provide sections for calculating your shipping fees for clients once they order your plants. This helps eliminate complaints from your customers who accuse you of overcharging on your shipping fees. You can print off a detailed shipping receipt as proof.

Keep Track of Your Expenses and Losses for Tax Time

As tax time quickly approaches, you must have a list of every expense and loss your nursery received the previous year, even if you've only been in operation for a few months. You also need a complete list of how much income your nursery earned that tax year. If you don't list these items, you may end up owing on your state and federal business taxes for unreported income and expenses.

Also, your plant supplier may report every order it received from you at tax time. If your numbers don't match up to your supplier's reported revenue, you can get audited. In addition, the supplier can receive an audit for reporting income the company didn't receive. You can avoid hurting your relationship with your supplier, and stay out of trouble with the tax people, by keeping track of your expenses, losses and earnings.

Your plant nursery supplier can help you get ahead in the business by offering the plants you need for your customers. You can stay ahead by keeping track of your inventory and taxes. If you need additional guidance about keeping track of your orders and shipments, contact your supplier for tips.

For more information, contact Bob Williams Nursery Inc. or a similar company.


14 January 2015

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